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latestnotify.addon.basic 1.2.4


  • AS RuleA person not being in a permission group takes priority over the „send mail even if nothing to do“ flag


  • AS RuleValues of type Map can be used in templating again

notify.addon.basic 1.2.3


  • RefactoringStreamlining names of client infos and additional AS rule in the custom package

notify.addon.basic 1.2.2


  • AS RuleAddition of IDateIso, XDateIso, maskName and desc to the Template

notify.addon.basic 1.2.1


  • SolutionInitial ACL on configuration files

notify.addon.basic 1.2.0


  • ELO All RhinoExpanded the functionality of filtering profiles by group membership
  • ELOasExpanded the functionality of passing profiles to the mail template
  • ELOconfigAdded E-Mail template field
  • ELOconfigAdded E-Mail profile template field
  • ELOconfigAdded profile groupname filter
  • ELOconfigAdded wildcard support for workflow templates

notify.addon.basic 1.1.0

Expanded functionality to multiple profiles


  • ELOAppAdjusted the UserSettings to display profiles
  • ELO All RhinoExpanded the functionality of reading/saving profiles in profileOpts
  • ELOconfigAdded profiles
  • ELOconfigAdded incrementing index creating on new profiles
    Highest index can be changed in the json config file

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