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latestfleet 3.0.4


  • FormsMissing year when submitting mileage entries through the workflow


  • WorkflowAdded timestamp of last mileage entry

fleet 3.0.2


  • FormsLeasing contract end is now determined by the last entry to reflect extension contracts in the overview

fleet 3.0.1


  • FormsAllowed passing workflow to driver if no mileage has been given

fleet 3.0.0


  • FunctionsChanged the function of obtaining the picture objid to the csi.commons
    function SearchAndWriteObjId. Requires csi.common 6.18.6
  • UpdatesChanged from direct rule to ServiceRegistry trigger for update workflows
  • ACLACL is now set in organizer configuration
  • ACLDynamic driver ACL is now added by „addDynRoles“-function inside the
  • WorkflowAdded new feed entry to changing drivers
  • FormsReworked active drivers display
  • FormsAdded active cars to driver folders forms
  • WorkflowRemoved old referencing of fleet into driver folders
  • FunctionsChanged how value updates are communicated from driver folder to fleet
  • ConfigurationAdded notification configuration for driver changes
  • WorkflowAdded workflow to notify a group when changes to driver’s active
    vehicles occur
  • FormsAdded status field to cards


  • ActionDefinitionsFixed wrong ACL on buttons
  • WorkflowIf a driver is set to ‚archived‘ then their active fleet folders are
    set to ’standby‘ – status
  • KwlOnly active drivers are now selectable in the fleet files
  • FormsFixed date calculation not being consistent in some occasions

fleet 2.0.1


  • FormsFixed rental car missing fields

fleet 2.0.0


  • MaskUnified mask names
  • MaskRemoved obsolete fields
  • MaskAdded global fleet subfolder mask
  • MaskAdded global fleet document mask
  • MaskAdded field inheritence
  • MaskSwitched old scripting with new mask restrictions
  • FunctionAdded organizer move compatibility Requires
    new license key due to bundle expansion
  • FunctionAdded organizer input and structure configs
  • FunctionRemoved old move configuration
  • WorkflowSplit the MoveByState function block into two separate blocks
  • FormsAdded fleet owner fields for new cars
  • FormsReworked mileage average calculations
  • FormsReworked mileage forecast to reflect multiple leasing contracts
  • FormsAdded rental car as use type
  • FormsAdded additional rental car fields
  • FormsAdded additional fields to leasing tab

fleet 1.0.6


  • InstallReference the configured templates from the Business Solutions Custom as
    part of the BS deployment if they exist
  • WorflowChanged the updateFolder workflow to use the template from Business
    Solutions Custom

fleet 1.0.5


  • MaskHide obsolete fields
  • ConfigurationMigrated ClientInfos to the new name scheme.

fleet 1.0.4


  • WorkflowContainers are being permanently deleted when cancelled on creation

fleet 1.0.3


  • FormsFixed inconsistency for active driver labels and values
  • FormsFixed deleting of the GoTo Label
  • FormsFixed the manufacture field to a validated YYYY input instead of full date

fleet 1.0.2


  • WorkflowsFixed wrong Update-Template script name in workflows
  • FormsRemoved old Frame and stylesheet. Please update csi.commons to at least
    6.2.3 for full support.

fleet 1.0.1


  • SolutionAdded bundle support

fleet 1.0.0


  • SolutionRefactored to CSI
  • SolutionDefault mandator included in custom rollout
  • SolutionDefault manager group included in rollout
  • SolutionStandardized client infos
  • ConfigurationAdded option to config to select to use masterdata dynkwl for
  • ConfigurationRemoved unused empty tabs
  • FormsAdded proper views for purchase and finance values
  • FormsCapsuled forms functions into respective controllers
  • FormsRemoved FormWrapper usage for better handling
  • FormsMinor fixes to displayed values
  • FormsFixed non multi-mandator valid fields
  • MasterMindAdded masterdata groups generation into configs
  • MasterMindAdded invoice referencing functions

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